#24 – Thailand (Part 2)

Natali could stay in Thailand until visa end, so two months (although she had only applied for visa for one month, hm, funny).

But if she is lucky, someone gives her passport to the police. We tried to enjoy the time here.

Big Buddha in Pattaya

With this fat guy here, you can toss coins into a little hole in your stomach. When you hit it, the money is in it. But the bottom is closed. The coins will surely come out there again

These motorcycles can be found everywhere. There is roasted, cooked or anything else…

We finally got a gas stove. Nevertheless we rather make fire.

Natali managed to paint the first people with Henna. Nevertheless the beach was not full of tourists. Everything was so distributed.

We slept after 3 hostel nights finally times in the tent. But unfortunately I could not sleep despite tiredness. My air mattress is defective and now I slept for the first time in my life on a hard sleeping mat. My ribs hurt, sand everywhere and everything itched.

We spent three days on the island Koh Larn. We took bicycles with us. The third day was probably one of the most boring I’ve had in a long time. I don’t like lying on the beach all day with tourists. In any case this must change.

These tourist places are a real horror: Selfie here, Selfie there, Smartphone glued to the hand. It’s all a matter of taste, I know. A romantic paradisiacal beach of loneliness was not the whole thing, because tourists wanted to look at the beach all the time. The lonely photos with palm trees and the beach, which you know from the internet, are hard to tell if there is such a thing here. Maybe on a lonely island.

We have to eat, preferably by the fire, on the beach, on an island.

Natalis Work

The black one at the fireplace, that’s a cat.

A few dogs and the cat were often next to us. Slept also at the tent

Garbage everywhere. Refrigerators, televisions, plastic and more plastic. Just to puke on.

Sometimes nature uses this to its advantage, but these are exceptions.

If nature isn’t there anymore, it’s too late.

These big ants are very strong. One bit into Natali’s glove. I lifted the ant. The glove was still on it.

On the island Natali had unfortunately little luck with Henna.

A very good news came on my smartphone: Natalis Passport was found! He was with the warmshowers host Neil. Wow, a huge relief.

The price for the ferry with bicycle was 50 Bath (approx. 1.40 Euro).

With small abrasions, because the stones in the water are very sharp, deaf, because my ears are clogged, and limping I went back to Pattaya to the hostel.

In the hospital, where I wanted to have my ears rinsed, they sent me to the pharmacy. They don’t have any equipment for it.

The drops didn’t help in the first attempts.

We picked up the ID card by train and took the bicycles with us. In the late afternoon we drove back towards Pattaya. Natali did not want to do the 50 km in one piece. In the morning we drove with an intermediate stop at the Jae (or Jay?) restaurant again in Pattaya further to the south.

Everywhere tourists or buildings, this is really not my world. I missed nature.

Still 5 days visa and over 300 km to Cambodia. Natali persuaded me not to extend my visa. But I don’t know how we get to the border. Let’s see if their intuition or attitude works well.

Mangos, so tasty. Even the green ones are delicious. Peel very thinly and enjoy with salt and pepper.

We drove our bikes south, where we wanted to see parks. However, the entrance fees discouraged us. We changed our plan and took the train to North Cambodia. For there we made our eVisum, because with the visa the border must be indicated. The visa to make went fast, approx. 5 hours and one had the email with the PDF.

On the way at the garbage, monkeys

Vegan Restaurant with the Jay Symbol

Different fruits, no idea what you can eat, what you can’t eat.

Jackfruit, expensive, big, versatile and very tasty

The trip lasted two days, as some trains come only once a day. The first train was free, the price for the second was about 1,20 Euro. But, for the bicycles we always had to pay 100 Bath, that’s about 3 Euro.

Shortly before the border to Poipet in Aranyapraphet we stayed the remaining three days in a bungalow before we went over to Cambodia.

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