#7 Slovenia

First I drove through the smaller border town Sežana. Heart palpitations and excitement naturally included.
After the city suddenly came what I missed: open landscapes, trees, forests, lots of nature, meadows with lots of plants, wow! In addition, many insects can be seen here.

No more fences, no more private grounds, no attenzione (itl. for attention), etc.
Through forests it went further uphill. Despite headwind (which I almost always have), I felt directly comfortable.
After a few kilometres, overwhelmed by nature, I met a packed cyclist. He even spoke German and we drove about 30 km together before he reached the finish.
But before that he invited me to a restaurant for Slovenian food and told me a lot about Joguslavia, the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

By the way, the food in Slovenia is very very very very tasty (just for my Slavic tongue)

Bujta repa is a traditional Slovenian beet stew with pork, a national speciality. Bujta’ was derived from the word “kill”. Especially in winter the stew warms up nicely. It is prepared with fatty parts of the pig’s head and skin and with sour turnips. Millet porridge is also often used as an ingredient. The dish was once a typical pig slaughtering lunch. To prepare the thick soup, put all ingredients into a large pot and braise slowly (http://www.wimdu.de/blog/eine-reise-in-die-welt-slowenischer-spezialitaten/)

Štrukli or Štrukel, classic apple or quark strudel. Štrukli can also be cooked with a salty filling of curd and egg and then be served as a side dish for roasting. I ate it with a spinach filling and mushroom sauce.

The meeting gave me a lot of strength (not only through the food, but in general). After Cerknica I was allowed to camp on a grass area of a farm, nicely hidden behind trees. It was great because it was so quiet there.

I was impressed by Slovenia anyway, how quiet it is at night, how many birds you hear during the day, very much green. Since very few people know anything about Slovenia, here some information:

  • more than half of Slovenia is wooded
  • highest mountain is over 2800 m high
  • the river Soča is a real feast for the eyes
  • a lot is being done for nature conservation
  • the caves of Postonja are world natural heritage and are often visited by tourists
  • life is hard because salaries have not adjusted to the euro
  • Take out rolls with gloves 🙂
  • Ljubljana should also be a beautiful city

All in all Slovenia is not for the tourist who likes to lie at the sea and sunbathe. It’s more for the active holidaymaker.
More information can be found somewhere else on the Internet 🙂

Unfortunately I could not fall asleep, probably too much excitement, too much new, travel fever, n/a or my pillow (fleece jacket) was too hard?
The next day I continued around 10 a.m., the route led me up to almost 800 m, then down to 500 – 600. It went from village to village, unfortunately my strength was sufficient only for about 60 km.

Yeah, this is where my milk comes from when I buy these at the store. Because the picture always shows such photos and the manufacturers just don’t lie. So keep drinking milk well, very healthy from the happy cows with the grin on their faces

I drove into the forest, built my home, found out that there are ticks here and fell asleep sometime.

Unfortunately the night was bad again, could not sleep through again. The excitement again, the pillow again, I don’t know. I couldn’t see anything at night, not even my hand. Don’t hear anything either, it was so quiet. No freeway from a distance, no plane, nothing.
Luckily, I fell asleep again in the morning.

Around 8 o’clock I packed everything up, threw another tick from the tent and drove off. In the next village I had breakfast (cocoa with oatmeal and banana chips from Hofer/Aldi) at a bus stop. brushed my teeth and drove on. Later I washed myself right behind a bush “out of the public eye”.
By the way, you will find Spar, Lidl and Hofer instead of Aldi. But the logo is cleverly designed so that you can recognize it. Yes, also open on Sundays, but only until 3 pm. (I hope I get money from Aldi for this advertisement)

It was about 40 km to Croatia. Of course it went up again hard, just about 300 – 400 m high (not at 400 m, but 400 m high). Luckily then neatly down again through very lonely villages, where I was waved to. The way down, however, was very rocky and wooded.

In the valley we went almost flat towards Croatia

I had a little chat with a policeman at the border crossing and it went on across the river Kupa into a new country.

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  1. Hallo Lukasz, auch wenn nicht immer ein Kommentar kommt, wir bleiben auf deiner Spur, wollen aber auch nicht lästig sein und vor allem Andere mal zu Wort kommen lassen. Du schreibst sehr anschaulich und spannend, und deine Fotos sind phantastisch! Bei uns herrscht immer wieder große Begeisterung wenn was Neues von dir on-line ist. Weiterhin nette Menschen, tolles Wetter und spannende Erlebnisse. Wir freuen uns auf den nächsten Bericht

    1. Hallo Vera,

      ihr könnt mich zutexten wie es euch lustig ist. Wenn es nervt, sperre ich euch einfach 🙂 Ne, freut mich natürlich immer wieder lebenszeichen aus dem kalten und nassen Deutschland zu hören/lesen.
      Der nächste Bericht ist auch fast fertig. Bin schon am übernächsten dran. Unter route könnt ihr auch immer recht aktuell sehen, wo ich gerade bin. Die ist unabhängig von den Beiträgen.

      1. “kalten und nassen Deutschland “? 🙂
        27° und Sonne und das nicht so selten, ich glaube Du bist im falschen Jahr gestartet 😀 zumindest wenn Du “nass und kalt” entfliehen wolltest. Weiterhin gute Fahrt!

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