Health Insurance:

Statutory health insurance is out of the question, because it is too expensive and outside the EU it is useless. So an foreign health has to come here.
However, unsubscribing can’t even be that easy. Here is a detailed report with many useful tips (german):
I decided to take out Hanse Merkur Long-term travel insurance.

Employment office:

If you are back from a trip around the world and you can’t start working directly, you are also entitled to unemployment benefit. A good and detailed report can be found here (german):


The prices certainly vary. Which vaccinations are covered by your own health insurance fund depends on the Health Insurance.

      • TBE (Ticks)
      • Standard Vaccinations (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis/Whooping Cough, Polio)
      • Rabies (HDC inactive, the vaccination is hardly available, have not received any. So inform very early about it. The costs for 3 vaccinations are about 200 EUR or more.)
      • Hepatitis A, B (Twinrix; 3 vaccinations for a total of about 165 EUR)
      • Cholera (Dukoral, oral vaccination, ca. ab 60 EUR)
      • Typhus (Typhoral, 3 capsules for almost 30 EUR)


I have been saving for about two years, whereby the 2nd is very intensive. Nevertheless, I won’t be able to eat in restaurants every day and live in luxury, but I should have saved a long time for that.
I have 2 credit cards: Santander, DKB (Please note that the post is from 2018, a lot has changed in the meantime, especially many advantages of the Santander are no longer there. So please browse through the links and make yourself smart)
Santander has the advantage that you can withdraw money free of charge anywhere in the world. For safety’s sake, the DKB card.
More information about Santander can be found here:


Leave powers of attorney for everything (offices, insurances, etc.), if necessary they can be helpful. I still have to do my tax return, for example, only if you are not there, it just does not go. That’s why you can authorize someone else to do it.

Unpleasant for many, but depending on pers. situation, it could be important: Testament
It makes things a lot easier for the bereaved.