In March it starts again and further plans

Sun, palm trees, new cultures, new people, new fauna, new flora, new food, just finally a new adventure. The time until then is simply too long, you wait too long, every day is too long, every hour is like a torture, it just hurts me to wait. I need my drug.

Now at the beginning of March it is finally time, the journey goes into another part.
Completely different than originally planned, it goes now with the airplane for a short trip direction Thailand (bicycle is taken of course). There Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are taken more exactly under the magnifying glass. Once again I am not alone, this time Natali (Ukraine) comes with me.
The excursion will probably go until June/July, what will happen afterwards, I can’t say yet. But I will certainly not sit still, my curiosity about cultures and landscapes is too big for that.

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#22 – Oman

In the Emirates the chaos continued with unsympathetic border guys who liked to give loud orders.
Waiting in the bus and in the halls without knowing why, the whole procedure took 5 hours. Of course illogically organized. Men and women separated.
We spent the whole trip with 3 other Germans. A couple and a man, all with bicycles.
Unfortunately my speedometer was broken.

We drove directly to the beach, we wanted to camp there. But it was forbidden. Off to the park, which was unfortunately fenced and rather a fair. But also in the park camping should be forbidden. Are we in the EU? I asked myself.
So we had to go to a hostel. For the room we paid about 30 dollars.

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#20 – Iran, Steppe, people and tourists

With Ali we first drove to a street with bicycle shops. In Tehran the shops are categorized like in Istanbul. That means, if you look for a lamp, you drive to a street with 40 lamp shops.
My rear wheel was quite worn and had to be replaced. The brake pads, which were quite small after 9500 km, were replaced by those from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Now I’m curious whether they can withstand more.

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#19 – Iran, Jungle, Impressions and people

Now it’s Iran’s turn, together with Germany the 12th country of my journey.
Since the border is being renovated, I found the construction site houses, which serve as an office, and the people everywhere very chaotic. There were some annoying children walking around, who disrespectfully wanted money and always wanted to get on their bikes. While Michael fetched the stamps, I played watchdog. Several times people also wanted to change dollars, I had to refuse every time. Since lunch break was, the procedure lasted altogether perhaps 1 hour.
Then we were finally in Iran! Shortly after the border we took a break and ate something. A car came by with some people who wanted to have their siesta there as well. After a short conversation we had a place to sleep in Urmia, which was offered to us by a worker who spoke German.
We drove on through a beautiful valley, along a river, with hairpin bends, when we were stopped 20 minutes later. A woman wanted a photo with us and immediately gave out her phone number. If we had any problems in Tehran, just give us a call. She spoke fluent English.

WOW, this is supposed to be Iran? So nice the people?

A few km further on there was the first Çay tea. See there, the tea cups are bigger! We hoped that they didn’t want any money for the Çay, because we had nothing. But luckily it was free of charge.
Also interested are the huge signs with among others “USA is the real terrorist”.

Looking for a place to sleep was the order of the day.

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#18 – Turkey, Diyarbakır, Van and Conclusion

After 2 1/2 months the farewell from Turkey comes closer and closer. I will allow myself a conclusion at the end of the contribution times.

We drove off from Adiyaman and wanted again to the Nemurt. It was really hot, as we rarely experienced it. When I looked at the thermometer for a short time, the temperature dropped rapidly due to the wind. At a comfortable 52 degrees I was able to take a quick photo.

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