#6 Italy, every bellezza has its faults

Slept badly, had probably travel fever. Packed up in the morning, had breakfast etc. and could leave around 09:30 o’clock. We drove through Vicenza, took some photos, collected some attention and went to the sea! Yes, I made a route with a detour, because I wanted to see the sea.
Happy, content, overloaded and full of power, the kilometres just sprayed down. Over villages, gravel roads, where I got panic concerning my tires, all this with a cool 23 cloudy degrees. The final destination was a camping site with an eco-garden.

I think it’s so great to see such old buildings, I can imagine what it must have looked like back then. All those people walking around here, etc.

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#5 Bella Italia

Italia, what can you say, people speak a little Italian here, otherwise German. There are dumplings to eat, wheat beer etc. Not a man with a moustache, a chef’s apron and wildly arguing with hands. Not a woman who throws dishes around calling out an Italian man’s name. All right, it’s still South Tyrol. Only when the Alps are over will I surely meet these people.

First impression is therefore not really Italian. Still, it’s great (like almost everything I see, I guess I need glasses). There are cycle paths, great views, everything is in bloom, the sun is shining, everything is wonderful. Except for my Komoot app, which says I ride in a mountain.
Finally after many descents I arrived in Brixon. The only camping site was closed, but at a gas station I received a tip from a guest that there was still a camping site before Brixon. Driving there, showering, eating, etc.

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#1 Let’s go!

It starts! I can hardly believe it or rather not realize it. It’s still kind of hard for me though. I’ll really process it in the next few days or weeks.
The farewell group is small because many of them have to work. Nevertheless, I have already received calls from many people. I’m slowly beginning to understand that this could be a bit bigger project than just going to Gelsenkirchen, well, wait and see.

My first goal is about 100 km away (really great without a year of training), I don’t think I’ll make it, but I’m still going anyway 🙂

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The page is not 100% ready yet, but until the start (Easter) it should be complete.

Under the menu item “Preparation” you can see what you (or I) should pay attention to before such a trip.

Of course, the “Equipment” is not yet complete, because there are many things to be added or it is not yet listed. During the trip, there will surely be some more stuff added or sent back home.

That’s all I can write right now. It starts at the beginning of April and then all the photos, experiences etc. are added, so patience…