#6 Italy, every bellezza has its faults

Slept badly, had probably travel fever. Packed up in the morning, had breakfast etc. and could leave around 09:30 o’clock. We drove through Vicenza, took some photos, collected some attention and went to the sea! Yes, I made a route with a detour, because I wanted to see the sea.
Happy, content, overloaded and full of power, the kilometres just sprayed down. Over villages, gravel roads, where I got panic concerning my tires, all this with a cool 23 cloudy degrees. The final destination was a camping site with an eco-garden.

I think it’s so great to see such old buildings, I can imagine what it must have looked like back then. All those people walking around here, etc.

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#5 Bella Italia

Italia, what can you say, people speak a little Italian here, otherwise German. There are dumplings to eat, wheat beer etc. Not a man with a moustache, a chef’s apron and wildly arguing with hands. Not a woman who throws dishes around calling out an Italian man’s name. All right, it’s still South Tyrol. Only when the Alps are over will I surely meet these people.

First impression is therefore not really Italian. Still, it’s great (like almost everything I see, I guess I need glasses). There are cycle paths, great views, everything is in bloom, the sun is shining, everything is wonderful. Except for my Komoot app, which says I ride in a mountain.
Finally after many descents I arrived in Brixon. The only camping site was closed, but at a gas station I received a tip from a guest that there was still a camping site before Brixon. Driving there, showering, eating, etc.

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