#31 – Philippines (impressions, plans)

I left Pandan with a heavy heart, I wanted to or had to go on. The next destination was Caramoran. There is the Toytoy Beach. It was about 6 km, so I tried to walk.
After many goodbyes I was almost out of town, then a man on a scooter next to me stopped and asked where I wanted to go. I’m always sceptical about something like this, because suddenly a high sum is demanded (for this short distance up to 200 pesos, about 3,50 Euro). But he just wanted to take me with him out of kindness. I climbed up and was quite fast at a beach surrounded by banana trees and coconut palms. I took out my hammock and just let myself hang. Swimming and talking to about 15 children or teenagers. It was just great!

On the far left my hammock, I made it! My fantasy pictures became true!

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#30 – Philippines (Cataduanes)

At the border I caught a minibus to Huế. My bike was packed on the roof.
It went downhill, but what great views. It went down like a serpentine and I was locked in the bus.
Villages, mountains and breathtaking views.

I also noticed that the garbage was just thrown out of the bus. The same at the bus station in Huế. The garbage is thrown out of the bus.
Via Huế the sleeping bus took me 12 hours to Hanoi, where I spent just over two weeks. The search for a hub, information about visas and being among people was quite cool.
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