#18 – Turkey, Diyarbakır, Van and Conclusion

After 2 1/2 months the farewell from Turkey comes closer and closer. I will allow myself a conclusion at the end of the contribution times.

We drove off from Adiyaman and wanted again to the Nemurt. It was really hot, as we rarely experienced it. When I looked at the thermometer for a short time, the temperature dropped rapidly due to the wind. At a comfortable 52 degrees I was able to take a quick photo.

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#16 – Turkey, Istanbul to Antalya

Our legs itched unbelievably and we finally wanted to camp again in the nature and be on the way. Although Istanbul has drawn towards the end on the one hand, I will miss it. Still, there are so many great places.

I left Istanbul on a coastal road that reminded me a lot of Hollywood. A wide road for cars, a wide green strip of grass, palm trees and sports facilities and stop the sea. Not that I watched too much TV, but all I needed were the big cars with the stars, then I’d be in California.

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#15 Istanbul

The trip with the ferry ( about 180 km, about 50 km/h fast) was boring. When we arrived after 2 1/2 hours, it was already 9 pm and dark outside.

After just over 4400 km my first big stage goal was reached! Yes, I was so excited, full of joy and proud of myself!

We went out on the bikes and I suddenly heard someone call my name. My old colleague Cem was already waiting for us, great surprise. We didn’t talk much, he told us how and where to go. With the bikes along the sea to the next ferry and then into the Asian part of Istanbul (Kadiköy) over. It’s not far from there.

My first impression was incredible, as I have never seen such a city before: Everything lit up, a lot of life on the streets, oh, I didn’t know what to say or feel, I was positively crushed, although I’m not a fan of big cities. But somehow almost everything on my journey makes me happy.

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