In March it starts again and further plans

Sun, palm trees, new cultures, new people, new fauna, new flora, new food, just finally a new adventure. The time until then is simply too long, you wait too long, every day is too long, every hour is like a torture, it just hurts me to wait. I need my drug.

Now at the beginning of March it is finally time, the journey goes into another part.
Completely different than originally planned, it goes now with the airplane for a short trip direction Thailand (bicycle is taken of course). There Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are taken more exactly under the magnifying glass. Once again I am not alone, this time Natali (Ukraine) comes with me.
The excursion will probably go until June/July, what will happen afterwards, I can’t say yet. But I will certainly not sit still, my curiosity about cultures and landscapes is too big for that.

I will probably not do my original goal to enter Thailand via Kyrgyzstan via China. China simply doesn’t appeal to me, it never has.
Nevertheless, I have a new idea for next spring (2020): via Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and possibly Mongolia. Mongolia, maybe even my little dream will come true on the Pfert? Who knows.
If all this will work out in the end, I will see then 🙂 My ideas change permanently.

Be that as it may, first it goes towards Southeast Asia and I look forward to it like a little child. I can hardly keep my legs still.

10 thoughts to “In March it starts again and further plans”

      1. Hi Lukasz, Oslo irritiert mich jetzt total, ich hatte dich woaders vermutet, aber egal, du bist halt ein Abenteurer! Wäre schö, von dir zu hören, das Netz in Skandinavien sollte ausreichen 😉 Ganz liebe Grß
        e aus der Heimat? von uns Allen ;_*

        1. Hallo zusammen. Bitte Geduld mit dem ersten Beitrag haben. In ca 2 Wochen sollte der online sein.
          Oslo, der Flug ging halt über Oslo.

          Gruß aus 35 Grad


  1. Hey Lukas ich hoffe dir geht es gut und du hast viel Spaß. Schönen Gruß Patrick. PS: sieh zu dass du nen Bericht schreibst möchte wissen was du so treibst.?

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